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Maybe conversation is not the right term for this, but I'd be happy if it would. What is a conversation? One says something, asks something in hope to get an answer. So here you will find what we say to you and what we ask you. If you like - you can answer. And that would be the real conversation!

And my first question:

Olga: How could it happen that you are vegetarian and Abhishek is not?

Luiza: Dear Sir! Whom can you mark out among your co-stars? What can you say about Vinod Khanna, my favourite actor?

Olga: Do you surf internet often? What kind of sites do you like to visit?

Amina: Many of your films are released on DVD, but many are not and the quality of the DVD-films is not always good. Is your company ABCL going to release your own films on DVD?

Amina: I know, you are pressed for time, but nevertheless... do you play computer games?



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