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This club was founded on your 60-th Birthday. But all of the members are your fans for 15-20 years. We made this club so we can talk to each other, help each other - it is not so easy being your fan in Russia. Our people do not know Hindi. And many of your films were translated in Russian only 2-3 years ago. Traslations of the films were also not very good. Nowadays not a single Hindi movie can be seen on big screen - and it is sad. But nevertheless we stay your fans. We will never leave you alone.

August, 21, 2003. Dear Amitji! Have you ever known that your nowadays fan can be very very young? Look here :)

August, 20, 2003. Sometimes we meet people who can do beautiful things with their hands. Let me introduce some of them and show their amaizing works. It is even more plesant for me because I know these people well and love them.

August, 10, 2003. There is a lot of good things in Russia. For example good and tasty food. Have you ever tasted a Russian cuisine? Russian food is usually simple and not very spicy. Would you like to taste something special? Here is our special recipe page.

Today, on August, 7, 2003 an idea came to my mind: if photography is your hobby - why not to show you some photos we made. "It would be great" - said Antonina - "I have some nice photos. Maybe Amitji would like them". And I khow for sure, that Amina also has something interesting. So, would you like to have a look?

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