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Actually, many people regularly visit the site, but signed members are:


My name is Olga Usmanova. I am a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan for 20 years. I know Hindi, Farsi and English languages. Now I live in Moscow and work at the Moscow State University as a teacher of Farsi language. Feel free to write to me :)

My name is Antonina Taskaeva. I'm a great fun of Amitabh Bachchan for almost 15 years already. Since my childhood I like Indian art and culture, later the desire to know more and deeply came. I was influenced also by philosophy and psychologe as well. The Indian movie is simple the great and joyfull rest for soul and eyes. I just adore to watch films with Anitabh Bachchan appearing! If you feel the same, just write me a message, let's talk.

My name is Zhenya Sannikova. I live in Perm city, Russia. I'm die hard fan of Amitabh Bachchan and call him Amitabhji or Amitji always. I adore all His family. I'm one of happiest fans, who could meet Amitabhji. At the first time it was in 1991 in Moscow, the second in Mumbai, in December, 2001. I've met Amitabh's family - wife Jayaji, daughter Shweta, son Abhishek and 2 sweet grandchildren - childs of Shweta. Amitabhji is a very nice person in life.. He is very kind.. Wish everyone, who meet Him, can see it...

My name is Ludmila Kostuchenko. I am a great fan fo Amitabh Bachchan. I live in Belgium. I know English and study Hindi. Feel free to write to me letters.

My name is Luiza. I live in Russia. I'm married and have wonderful family and nice four children. As for my education - I'm a journalist. My interests are include books reading, nature, music,cinema and ...India country. I can't call myself a fan of Indian commerce filmbusiness, as most important criterion for good movie I consider is realism. But there is one name in Indian cinema which I adore absolutely, - I mean actor Vinod Khanna. And Amitabh Bachchan :)

A am Lena. I live in Volgograd (Russia). Enough for a long time I take a great interest in India and cinema. The most favourite actor always was and always will be Amitabh-jii. Though I love both many other actors and actresses.

My name is Iana. I live in Belgium.

My name is Yelena Sergeyeva. I have nothing to say about myself but one thing: I love and esteem Amitabh fot 24 years.

Member list

1. Antonina Taskaeva (Canada, Calgary)
2. Zhenya Sannikova (Russia, Perm)
3. Ludmila Kostiouchenko (Belgium)
4. Vera Krylova (Russia, Tver)
5. Marika Volkova (Estonia, Yihvi)
6. Jaroslav Mikheev (Russia, Bratsk)
7. Elena Al-Amin (Russia, Volgograd)
8. Tarasova Oksana (Russia, Miass)
9. Marina Sahanova (Ukraine, Odessa)
10 Elena Chepurnova (Russia, Ekaterinburg)
11 Oksana Harichkova (Ukraine, Odessa)
12 Yelena Sergeyeva (Russia, Ussurijsk)
13 Olga Kolpakova (Russia, Moscow)
14 Svetlana Krasulya (Russia, Novosibirsk)
15 Iana Kostiouchenko (Belgium)



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